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We are 가족 (family).

Pajeon Pals is named after my daughter's love of Korean green onion pancakes (pajeon 파전). Every t-shirt designed is created with her in mind to celebrate the best of Korean food and culture.

We saw a lot of clothing companies with amazing designs but we didn’t see any ones that celebrated Korean food and drinks for kids and adults to show off. That's when I decided to brush off my design skills during my maternity leave to create these designs. 

We chose our favourite snacks, dishes, and drinks and put our fun unique twist on it.

- Diana, Umma of Pajeon Pals Clothing

Our shirts

All of our Korean-inspired designs are printed in British Columbia, Canada using a print-on-demand model. Once an order is place, our printing partner begins creating and shipping them out to you.

Sustainable fashion is what we believe in, instead of having a warehouse full of  inventory, we have decided to print each shirt as an order comes in. No shirts are wasted.

The shirts themselves are from Gildan (manufactured in Honduras and the Dominican Republic) and Bella + Canvas (manufactured in USA). Both have 100% no sweatshop and eco-friendly production in their apparel.


We use a Vancouver fulfillment company that prints and ships all of Pajeon Pal Clothing's apparel. Items are handmade on-demand and not stored in warehouses.

Fulfillment takes about 7-14 business days to create apparel products (t-shirts and sweaters). There may be additional delays as apparel manufactures have switched to mask production due to Covid-19. Once the order is fulfilled, a shipping label will be created and items will be sent out.